19 January 2012

How To Pay Off Your House Loan in Five Years or Less - Second Edition

Title: How To Pay Off Your House Loan in Five Years or Less - Updated Version

Description: This Handbook gives all the practical help you need to own your property outright sooner than you ever thought possible. It features real life strategies on how you can pay off your house loan in five years or less.

About The Author:Azizi Ali is the #1 financial author and speaker on personal finance in Malaysia. He has written 30 books on the subject matter and is also active on the speaking circuit. He is a Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) and holds an MBA from the University of Bath, UK.


Diffent strategies for different uses
Sources of loans
Types of Loans
How much loan to take
But always have sufficient reserves
How the mortgage payment is calculated
How to pay off your mortgage
Why (and how) do they work?
The ideal housing loan
The difference between daily rest and monthly rest interest calculation
Tricks of the trade (that the bank uses)
In conclusion


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